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An electric hot gel pouch filled/sealed with special gel, used to provide warmth, typically whilst in bed and also for application of heat to a specific part of body.
Give relief from pain and make you comfortable.

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Electric Hot Water Heating Pad with Hand Pocket makes Hot water Bags Redundant as it is safe and easy to use indoor/outdoor Key Features: Unlike traditional rubber bottle, Heating Gel Pad can be used for 2-4 hours continuously after a single charge of 3-4 mins. So longer heat retention Auto warm function : on completion of charge, Gel Pad automatically disconnects from power on attaining required temp -75 degree Charge for 3-4 minutes and the gel remains warm for the next 2-4 hours. This makes it the best portable rechargeable heating pad with no smell and no side effects, easy to use and carry. Shock-proof charge with mobility to carry anywhere in hotel, train, airport, office,hospital, etc., less electricity consumption for quick relief from – backaches, sprains, muscular and joint pains, abscesses, boils and women related pains. Works great as hand/feet and body warmer also. Easy operation – does not require filling of water/liquid. It contains permanent pre-filled solution Comes with Artificial Fur and Velvet cover which makes it very comfortable to use Comes with Hand Pocket sto warm you hands in winters, Bigger Size of 11″x7.5″, Wattage is 600W, Weight : 1500 gms, Size: 11″x7.5″


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