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COMFORTABLE, SAFE & HYGIENIC ? Pee Safe Menstrual Cups are crafted with 100% Medical Silicone Grade to give you the best pad free experience during menstruation. The easy-to-use and reusable cups are economical, comfortable, chemical-free and hygienic. Switch to cups that are more suitable and desirable for your body, lighter on your wallet and safer for planet.

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Menstrual Cups Are The Most Low-Cost Menstrual Product So Far. Our Cup Is Made Of 100% Medical Grade Silicone And Fda Approved. They Are Supposed To Be Inserted Into Your Vagina. It Can Collect Up To 30 Ml Of Blood And It Doesn?T Leak Out. On An Average, We Bleed Just About 20 Ml A Day And The Cup Has The Storing Capacity Of A Minimum Of 16 Ml Of Blood Depending On The Size Of The Cup. You Can Be Completely At Ease And Check On The Cup Once In 8 Hours. There’S Absolutely No Need To Remove It While Peeing Or While Doing Absolutely Anything Else Including Swimming. Once You Go Cup, You Always Go Yup. Is my cup clean? Our manufacturing facility is germ free and sterilized. However, some of you might still want to wash your cup once before inserting it for your own peace of mind. We??re with you. When to wash? During your cycle, you can just wash the menstrual cup with water and gentle unscented soap. However, when you are inserting it for the first time at the beginning of your next cycle, you must sterilize the cup. Folding 101 ?? The real deal For a comfortable insertion, the cup needs to be folded in certain ways. The cup once inserted will pop open inside for a leak proof experience. Once you??ve managed to do one of these folds, keep it in place and insert the cup into your vagina, directing it towards your back. The C Fold ?? Push the cup from both ends and curve it to make the letter C. The 7-Fold ?? Push the cup from both ends and curve the right side diagonally to the left side to make the number 7. The Punch Down Fold ?? Push the front side of the cup towards the bottom of the cup to punch it down.


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