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It is the best liquid detergent to wash silk and embroidery clothes. It makes the clothes clean and it gives good smell and this liquid washing detergent dont need of using the scrub.

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We can wash the clothes with our hands itself and its also makes easy when we use this liquid washing detergent when using in washing machines which will save our work. It is highly effective delicate only for silk and woollen and also extremely safe for human hands. It can also be used for washing of floors, table tops, fabrics utensils. It can be used for washing and scouring purpose in fabric dyeing industry and it removes all the foam. This liquid washing detergent imparts softer feel to the garment and achieves the maximum out put of the best result and it is mainly used in washing machine which gives a clean result with no damage and it takes all the oily things which is easily removed by rinsing with water and takes away the dirt from the end points…

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